Empowering Outpatient Recovery

Active Recovery is an outpatient treatment center focused on helping individuals and families recover from alcoholism and addiction by integrating experiential activities with the principles of recovery. We have put together an experienced, and caring, recovery team to give individuals and families the best chance of long-term recovery.

Active Recovery provides a variety of outpatient services geared towards healing the entire family, NOT just the individual struggling with addiction. Clients and their family members will receive treatment alongside one another and all will get the tools they need for long-term success.

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Personalized Treatment in Centerville, Utah

We are located in Centerville, Utah. Our central location helps to service individuals and families along the entire Wasatch Front. Although no program is right for everyone, our addiction treatment approach provides a multitude of tools that we customize to fit your needs, helping you reach deeply to uncover—and overcome—the reasons you have sought relief from substances for so long.

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Introducing Our Dedicated Team


Lance Hori CPA
Program Director

Lance Hori is actively involved in recovery daily. He has a passion for helping others recover from drugs and alcohol. He has served on the Board of Trustees for South Davis Recovery Club for eight years. Lance went through a treatment center in 2003 and decided to give back to his community by filling the need for an excellent treatment provider in the Centerville and Bountiful areas.

“I struggled with drugs and alcohol at one period in time, and by using the 12 steps and Alcoholics Anonymous, I was able to turn my life around completely. I want to provide the same kind of recovery in Davis County that I received in treatment. The treatment I received was very experiential and was grounded in the 12 steps.”

I want to introduce clients to sponsors or mentors in the community that are looking to give back to alcoholics and addicts in early recovery. I believe in the 12-step process and have personal experience that these tools work. Those that thoroughly follow this process have a good chance of success. I want to coach clients on rigorously following the process and encourage them to work on their recovery program after leaving treatment.

Doug Hopper LMFT
Clinical Director

Doug Hopper is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He has been practicing as a therapist for over 10 years. He has a passion for helping individuals connect with themselves, and couples to connect with each other, which stems from his belief that one of the antidotes to mental health issues is strong family bonds. He has a strong desire to help individuals find balance in their mind, body, spirit, life, and relationships.

Doug has extensive experience in helping individuals, couples, and families deal with substance abuse. His experience also includes couples therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, overcoming codependency, anxiety, depression, navigating divorce, narcissistic abuse syndrome, holding boundaries, rebuilding trust, improving communication and more.

Doug helps clients to empower themselves and improve their lives by taking personal accountability while simultaneously employing self-compassion. He gives clients the space to express themselves and deal with hurt, without judgment, while also helping them gain awareness on how to implement solutions.

Stacy Springer LSUDC

Stacy Springer is a Substance Use Disorder Counselor who is also in recovery herself. She is devoted to helping people create a new life for themselves and guiding them to find the best plan for their personal needs, all while being their personal cheerleader. Her perspective as a person in long term recovery and experience in personal mental health illness management creates a refreshing outlook on a person’s individual journey to a ultimately successful and happy life while still maintaining sobriety. Stacy takes lessons from all of the great pioneers of mental health and customizing those tools to fit what works for each unique person and their experiences and strengths that got them to this point in life. Her leading intention for counseling is to aid her clients in finding balance and equanimity based on three main pillars, identity, connection and purpose.

She received her SUDC license from Brigham Young University and Weber State University. She was awarded the October Student of the Month from her Addictions Training Institute where she was certified in Drug and Alcohol Counseling. She is a body language expert and loves working with people as they seek to improve their place in life.

While away from the office, Stacy embraces her role as a traditional wife in her home, all while doing it with crazy hair! She is a wife of 21 years and has three children and two dogs. Stacy loves spending time with her family, cooking, creating art and watching movies.

Jed Black ACMHC

Jed is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Jed has worked in a youth residential treatment center and developed a passion for working in the mental health industry. That encouraged him to go to school to help me pursue a career in mental health.

Jed received his bachelor's degree and obtained a master's degree as a clinical mental health counselor, which allowed him to work in the field of addiction. Jed has worked in addiction for five years, where he enjoys helping people with substance use disorders and mental health illnesses.

Jed has been married for 31 years and has two children and three grandchildren with twins on the way. I enjoy hanging out with my family, exercising, riding motorbikes, skiing, gardening, and other hobbies. His own experience with mental health symptoms has allowed him to understand and relate to those working to overcome their symptoms. It is Jed's passion to help everyone he works with live a happy, addiction-free life.

Tommy Powers

Tommy has worked at several inpatient and outpatient clinics throughout Weber and Davis counties. He started his career as a peer support specialist and graduated from Utah Valley University's Substance Use Disorder program in April of 2023. Prior to working in the addiction field Tommy was in the United States Army for eight years and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 through 2011. Tommy worked as a law enforcement Officer in Weber County for five years. He found his passion in helping individuals with addiction and others in recovery. Tommy understands the personal struggles while suffering from addiction, and continues to educate himself and help others to the best of his ability.

Long Term & Short Term Goals

Empowering Sobriety and Inspiring Community Change

The long-term goals of Active Recovery are to help addicts and alcoholics achieve short-term sobriety and develop the tools and resources to reach long-term sobriety. We wish to help the community by providing vital resources for issues plaguing our neighborhoods and families. We hope to develop a change in the community focused on recovery so that they can carry their messages to others in recovery.

The short-term goals are to expose clients to various activities and introduce them to a new way to get the same euphoric feeling they associate with drugs and alcohol. In addition, we want to help clients associate themselves with people in the community that are also recovering from alcohol and addiction and who have gone on to live happy and successful lives.

Vision Statement

Our mission is to activate hope and healing for individuals and families suffering from addiction and its ripple effects.

We aim to help people achieve sustainable, long-term sobriety from alcoholism and addiction by integrating experiential activities and by applying the fundamentals of recovery.

By treating underlying causes and conditions we can help clients learn how to cope with mental health issues.

We support the entire family during the recovery process through education and support groups.