Sober Living Properties

Active Recovery's sober living properties offer safe and supportive environments for individuals attending our program. Located conveniently in Bountiful, we own and manage two properties with ten beds for males and five for females. Within these properties, we provide private rooms, with eight rooms for males and three rooms for females, ensuring privacy and personal space. Our dedicated sober living staff maintains daily operations, conducting regular check-ins, breathalyzer tests, and random drug screenings to foster a substance-free atmosphere that supports Recovery. Situated near the South Davis Recovery Club and various amenities, our sober living properties offer convenience and accessibility. We have separate living arrangements for males and females, with each gender residing in one half of the duplex, creating gender-specific environments that encourage community and mutual support.

Viewmont Sober Living

Our Viewmont sober living property is located near Viewmont High School and is about ½ mile from our treatment facility. This property is conveniently located within 100 yards of two main bus routes on main street and 200 West in Bountiful.

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South Bountiful
Sober Living Property

Our South Bountiful property is located near the North Salt Lake courthouse, this property is also a duplex that has adequate parking and is conveniently located near freeway entrances and shopping at the south Bountiful Smith’s. The South Bountiful property has room for 3 beds in the unit upstairs. The downstairs unit is two bedrooms and completely separated from other unit. This property has a great common area for people to socialize.

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